Ford SYNC AppLink Catalog

AppLink is a feature of Ford SYNC, the in-vehicle technology system in Ford vehicles, that allows Ford Owners to use voice commands to control some smartphone apps hands-free while driving.

To encourage engagement with SYNC AppLink, we developed an online catalog that both demonstrated to customers which apps work with SYNC AppLink and listed the key voice commands for each app.  Continue reading

Ford Owner Advantage Rewards

As part of a larger strategic initiative to centralize Ford’s digital touch points, our team was tasked with assessing the existing Ford Owner site and preparing the content and features for the site’s migration to a new platform.

Due to the large depth of the site, we worked feature-by-feature through a set of agile sprints. I led the information architecture and user interface design of the Owner Advantage Rewards feature, which allows authenticated Ford Owners to keep track of rewards points that have been earned by visiting participating Ford Dealerships for service. Continue reading